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2021, photo series

My name is Christina.
For since I can remember,
everyone called me Christina.
My parents, however, brought me and my brother
here today, to get our names as they said.
But Christina is already my name beyond question.
So what exactly am I doing here with all these people around me?
It feels weird and I can 't breathe because of all these candles
Why this white-bearded
man is placing
his hand like that
over my head?
Maybe he is a wizard,
just like that one,
In the story grandpa
told me a while ago.
I can 't remember his name though...
Should I try to remember his name
and call him by it in order to defeat him?
Ok, he removed his hand from my head
and grabbed a brown book.
I think I'll be fine. Should I talk?
Should I say something? I will speak ...
Oh nooooo....!
He started reading something from his book.
I don 't understand what he is saying.
It feels like he is singing a weird song.
Is he telling a magic spell?
I had never heard of a magic spell before,
so I am not sure.
I know this woman...
She is my " godmother "...
remember now...
Mom told me, that first I would take a bath,
and then she will give my name "Christina "

But "Christina " is already my name...
is she also a witch?
She can 't be...
I would have known that.
She may be a fairy!

Things make no sense.

It feels like this torture has no end.
Should I ask something now?
None is talking to me though,
so I must stay silent.

The wizard called my name in between his song a
few times.

"Βαπτίζεται η δούλη του Θεού
Χριστίνα " (x3)

The bath ended at last.

I feel my whole body weird.
I am not clean and fresh,
as I am after every bath.
I feel dirty and the clothes are sticky on me.

I got my name and I also got new clothes,
a neckless and this new toy.

The only thing that I like is the toy.

All I wanna do now is go home, have normal bath, and