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2021, video 1:20

My name is Manniif (Μάνιηφ).

From since I can remember it was about six years ago when my younger sister Melina decided to call me like that, and she has a name too, she is POtof (Potwf/Πότωφ).

She created those words and characters. She is 13teen years old now. We still play that kind of game. POtof and I are living in the kingdom of Potof. POtof is leading the system. It has the authority for almost everything. Manniif has to comply with POtof’s rules. Manniif has also the need to speak the “Potofanika language”, created also by POtof, in order to communicate with it.

Unfortunately, Manniif cannot take decisions on its own, it has to ask POtof first.

My sister, in order to approach me in her improvised and fantastic world of her game, she doesn’t call me Maritina but Manniif, and when this happens, we both know that we have to change voices quickly and embody our fantastic characters.