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The Symphony of Names : No Man Is An Island

HD video with 10 channel audio with acrylic, 13 minutes (2018)The Symphony of Names

The Symphony of Names : No Man Is An Island is a 4 channel composite
video installation with a 10 channel audio mix. The project is a collaboration with the Icelandic composer Gunnar Karel Masson. The project explores individual identity in culture that is not tied to their name as
a form of uniqueness. Throughout the world surnames play a large role in one's
identity, often seen as an identifier providing cultural and familial history. Icelandic surnames are not used in the same manner, making it a unique culture to explore identity and naming. The project uses a modern interpretation of “the symphony” using the human voice as the primary instrument speaking all the Icelandic names.

In the installation we see a young boy traveling through the landscape of the
country while we hear the symphony of names. The audio track uses all 4129
names from the Icelandic government name list and presents them in a melodic
yet slightly chaotic form. The final composition features a variety of Icelandic
people reciting the names.