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The Symphony of Names : No Man Is An Island

HD video with 10 channel audio with acrylic, 13 minutes (2018)


13’ HD video projection

The Symphony of Names: No Man is an Island is an immersive multimedia project that delves into the concept of individual identity and cultural uniqueness beyond personal names. Originally designed as a four-channel composite video installation with a 10-channel audio mix, speakers, and acrylic islands, it is also presented as a single-channel video with a 5.1 audio mixdown. Created in collaboration with Icelandic composer Gunnar Karel Masson, the project explores the significance of surnames in shaping identity and cultural heritage.

Unlike many cultures where surnames hold great importance, Icelandic surnames have a distinct role, making them an intriguing subject to examine in terms of identity and naming. Through a contemporary interpretation of "the symphony," the project utilizes the human voice as the primary instrument, employing all 4,129 names from the Icelandic government name list. The resulting audio composition showcases the melodic yet slightly chaotic symphony of names, while the visual component portrays a young boy walking through Iceland's landscape. The composition features diverse Icelandic individuals reciting the names, providing a rich tapestry of voices and perspectives.

The Symphony of Names