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The publication of an open-access edited volume has been one of the cornerstones to the project to ensure these critical conversations are shared broadly. Through creative, analytical, and exploratory essays and multidisciplinary media, this volume will examine diverse but related topics on how language is used to define and order our world, from personal names and issues of self-definition, gender and race, to Indigenous place names, new frontiers in taxonomic theory, as well as language rights and activism, including how people are using language and naming to redefine or reassert their identities.

This volume is also the outcome of the European Union funded CoLing project—a five-year multi-national multi-institutional research program on endangered language revitalization. Its international and culturally diverse origins, however, lie in a partnership with Recovering Voices, a similar program at the Smithsonian Institution, and the Experimental Humanities Collaborative Network at Bard College. Convening these internationally collaborative groups enabled us to draw on and work with an expansive global network of scholars from under-represented Indigenous and minority communities who are working on language and identity formation via the intersection of culturally diverse knowledge and political systems.

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